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Deprogramming Alienation

A workbook

A companion to the workshop of the same title. A brave space of amplified thoughtfulness and reflection. This journey includes somatics, critical analysis and objective observation. Click Here to download the free workbook.

"Take me to your leader."

Songs of Spirit -  Practicing new habits can be hard work but we all to start somewhere. Sometimes we start over and over again. We began this practice in 2022 by writing a couple of sentences/phrases to start the day.

In development

The Many Lands of My Mother

A picture for children ages 3-8 years old, with the capability to engage readers of any age.


Leona is a little girl with a lot of love and a long lineage. She loves learning. Together, you will explore lands near and far on a journey that leads to the threshold of self-discovery. 


“You carry all your ancestors and their stories inside of you!”

Out of Time

A hope punk, cli-fi novella.


Kaya , Mak, Roset, and Brent live in different worlds but one brief encounter out of time changes everything. This is story an activation about the quick and slow progress of change and the practice of healing and resiliency.

"What happens when we open a portal to the future? Together we go forward to freedom."

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