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Off the Wall - May 7-8 & 14-15, 2021 - Painted Bride Art Center - Seeking to create gallery spaces that center human connection and radical joy, Painted Bride’s Off the Wall exhibition will create “extroverted” environments that are designed to encourage conversation between strangers, artists, and people who’ve traditionally been excluded from galleries.

Other Orbits - 2021-2023 -Applied Mechanics - Other Orbits is a multi-modal serial performance piece running from 2021-2023 with episodes in many different formats, from a radio station to a tabletop role-playing game to a comic book, all telling an epic story of ecological reckoning and cultural survival that will culminate in a live performance in the Spring of 2023.

Medicine Meditation - 2021 - Medicine meditation. 1 of 4. Enjoy this aural soundscape designed by we Anita Holland aka Severin Blake and Marina Murayama. This contribution came from my deep need for healing justice and more visibility of Black BIPOC voices in the world. We felt called to be engaged with our emotions and bodies as we grow beyond the outdated limitations of the manifest destiny and into a space that allows the earth and all its creatures are free. For now, get comfy, grab some headphones, touch softness and don't forget to breathe. Would like to honor a and uplift the works and wisdom that inform and inspire this piece: the Dogon Medicine Wheel, The Moon in Hand, The Four Fold Way, Other Orbits, Undrowned.- for the Ancestors 

V- ongoing -an immersive interdisciplinary reimagining of the classically white male epic trope, the myth of the Minotaur. It is loosely autobiographical, shaped around the transformation of creator/performer Anita Holland aka Severin Blake. V is the story of a life still being lived, engaging the senses and intellect through movement and language. The core of the piece is multiplicity -- the disinterest in telling one narrative, in order to embrace and many versions of a complex identity and story. Previous iterative showings:

V.i The Rotunda Labyrinth embodied narrative traversal solo

V.ii SuperObject: 004 Bodies - Labyrinth traversal  w/ VO and + 7participants

(featured above at First Unitarian Church, Video by Tyler Burdenski)

V.iii Painted Bride Art Center  - Exhibit Labyrinth  traversal VO+ 2participants

V.iv Fringe Arts' Scratch Night - Guided meditation with an audience of bodies and light scape

V.v SubCircle’s Dollop - Labyrinth embodied narrative traversal + 1 participants COMING SOON!

Deprogramming Alienation - Workshop -  A shared brave space of amplified thoughtfulness and reflection. This journey includes somatics, critical analysis and objective observation. Presentation at Come to PAPA and Temple University. Contact to schedule a workshop order the zine.

Care Package- 2021 - Obvious Agency - Community Supported Art (CSA)

The Bandits - Band  - The Bandits is a polyvocal project.
The Bandits believe in radical love, transparency and accountability — with radical compassion, moving towards transformation of our world and ourselves.

Perfect Day - 2018 - The Riot Group - an intimate performance experience

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