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Songs of Spirit - A collection of morning ruminations 

Waiting For You

(video by izzy sazak, and Rayne Bey garment by Noel Puello, sound editing by Pax Ressler)

Waiting for you

There is a song rising


Waiting for you

To come shining


You are the dream

Come true


The ancestors are waiting 

they're calling


Their message it comes

From inside you


We've come to believe

That we can be all free


Dont hold back your liberation

Dont hold your dreams


This portal is open

To receive


All you must do is ask

and Believe





When we Awaken 

And realize


When truth braids our bodies

There’s no need to hide


The wisdom of ages

Returns be learned again


We’re all that is needed

We are aligning 


Believe in spirit

Don't let time pass you by


We are in a spiral

Release the trappings of the mind



And see


We’re building together

A flowing stream

We are all becoming

A birthplace for love


Don't forget your purpose

Remember your dream



The journey is long


Don't swerve from the path

Remember this song


Receive great wisdom

That comes from within


The way that we move forth

As a collective






Here home at last

amidst the many streams of consciousness.

Knowledge is birthed in dreams.

Settling into study.

Flowing steadily

the shifts are many.

We take hold of each

new muscle memory.


forming to fulfill our destiny.

Remaking the mind

metabolizing, understanding 

how to bring release and learning

how to live inside of

this integrated body.

Celebrations of all kinds. 

Pick up your joy and leave the rest behind.

A glimpse of what's ahead is felt and seen, in dreams.

Remember it inside your heart.

Keep going.

we are

the love of my life

flesh of my flesh,

filled with the energy of abundance.

pointed, guided well. under a spell divine

a purpose that won't be denied.

Beloved it is our time.


to you we are thankful.

Guided and protected by your love.

When we need someone to pick us up

and lean on- We are the one.

No more looking for we are all we need.

We've got a good rhythm, keep going.

Can you sense it?

Bristling with excitement

a new conversation with

the breath, hearing things

in a new light. Seeing in

a different sound. Speaking

in a different texture. Feeling

in a new octave. Shaping Change.

It smells like change.

A Dedication to Love

Springing from the

source, a shower of

universal light. We
return to the breath,

reminded that the

fire must be kept.

Informing every step

and stage of our lives.

We are present.

As we change

we can live in this

abundant energy, giving

ourselves grace and remembering

when to breathe deeply and

release. Returning to a state

of divinity.

A door

is opening inside

my heart. Am I ready? Are

my bags packed? We have

everything I need. It's time

to trust the divine. We 

are triumphant. From here

on out we can see clearly.

Come walk with me.

Come, walk with me.

Come, walk with we.

Fill this heart

to the brim with songs.

Whispered desire in

movements familiar. These

are meant to be shared. Take

care and keep sharp, motivated.

Giving when and how you can.

Filling up the cup with love.

Emptying the cup of distraction.

Discerning subtle energies. Bringing 

crystal clarity.

In process

Open to new ways of

being. Rebirth amniotic

rivers flowing. Remembrance

of the divine. Interstellar

intertwined. Relief, release,

unfolding. A gift we are beholding.

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