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Medicine Meditation - Ongoing - Medicine meditation. This contribution came from my deep need for healing justice and more visibility of Black BIPOC voices in the world. We felt called to be engaged with our emotions and bodies as we grow beyond the outdated limitations of the manifest destiny and into a space that allows the earth and all its creatures are free. Would like to honor a and uplift the works and wisdom that inform and inspire this piece: The work of recent ancestor Malidoma Some in his life's mission to share the traditional wisdom of his people the Dagara. The Dagara cosmology is comprised of the following elements Fire, Water, Earth. Mineral, and Nature. It is my intention to create embodied meditations and installations for collective sharing. What you will find below are to audiovisual offerings and a prompt contribute to a collective digital questioning.

Medicine Meditation - Water 

Microcosmology - Microcosmology Soundscape: Created for Off the Wall with the Painted Bride Art Center. You will here aspects of the 5 elements in the dagara wheel of cosmology., Water, fire, earth, mineral, and nature. We would like to honor a and uplift the works and wisdom that inform and inspire this piece: the Dagara Medicine Wheel and the work of Malidoma Patrice Some. - for the Ancestors

Medicine Meditation - You are now entering a meditative space. Here you will find objects that represent Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, and Nature. Start by choosing the element that calls to you. To contribute to this collective sharing fill out the form in this link. Your answers will be anonymous and added within the month. Each element comes with a pair of provocations. You will then have space to create your answer writing or translating. You may also read other people's answers, meditate on the other elements and /or just take a minute to rest. 

Fire: (origin, ancestors, connection) What are you releasing?

Water: (peace, completeness, focus) How do you find calm? Where do you need calm? 

- find calm when i'm by myself

- With fire, looking into flames. I need calm when I wake up. 

- Slowing down. Listening to my heart.

- bare feet on the ground. i need calm internally.

- looking up: at the sky, the stars. listening.

- spending time and attention with nonhuman animal friends


What are you focusing on? What in your life is calling for focus?


- I'm focused on achieving my dreams and goals…currently the focus is on finding iOS/web deve opportunities

- Myself, or at least the notion and idea of what is only mine. 

- Focus on art. Calling my body.

What is a memory you have of completeness? What does completeness feel like?

- The memory is of something i have yet to experience i think 

- Feels like finishing a song

- Feels like a strong hug or being held up

- Finishing editing a story. Or dancing tango


What is a peaceful memory you have of water?


- In meditation i try to focus on water flowing over a rock in a stream

- The first time I saw the pacific ocean opened my perspective of the magnitude of the earth

- Swimming in a lake and watching the geometry of the wake ripple, fractal and change 

Earth: (nourishment, support, acceptance) How do you feel seen? How do want to be seen?

Mineral: (memory, communication) What is a memory of when you felt power, strong, at home inside?

Nature: (plants, animals, transformation) How do you see change in the world? How are you changing?

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