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Severin Blake (they/all/we)  is an artist by birthright. The identity markers they encompass and expand beyond are Black, mixed race, trans, human. They are an educator, a healer, facilitator, director and producer based in Lenape Territory, c.k.a Philadelphia, PA. They are a constellation of celebration and contradiction living in between worlds. Severin values, love, liberation, tenderness, and resourcefulness. Severin make work in response to the world(s) we see around and within us. Through this work they create interrogate language, imagery, and time. This interrogation stems from a question we held as a child wondering about language and asking "who gets to decide what all the words mean?" This inquiry and curiosity still live in us today as we redefine our relationship to art and performance beyond the structures and limitations of capitalism, colonialism, and supremacy. The art they make by design is about healing. It has components of dance, sound, storytelling, ritual, spirituality, and actively involves the audience in some way beyond simply viewing. They believe art is not a passive experience but an interactive one. We facilitate intentional spaces of bravery, vulnerability and joy making.

Photo by Wide Eyed Studios
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