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Impact.Engineered - 2021 - ASME Foundation - Virtual

Impact.Engineered will showcase illustrious speakers and an inside look at what’s trending in the world of Engineering for Good. Celebrate the champions who are disrupting the status quo and witness electrifying performances.

Build Forward: Advocacy, Artistry, and Adaptability - 2021 - FoolsFURY - BUILD Forward is a two-day event featuring interactive townhalls, Art Shares with Microturgs, and discussions designed for artists, activists, culture workers, educators, theater professionals, and anyone interested in building effective, long-lasting systemic change.

Come 2 PAPA  - 2021- Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists - A convening to celebrate the ingenuity and necessity of our Pan-Asian performing arts community with our virtual festival COME TO PAPA.  With live and pre-recorded performances, workshops, community meals, pitch sessions, showcases, and more, we’re creating space for artists of Pan-Asian descent, audiences, administrators, and presenters alike to forge relationships and COME TO PAPA.

BlackBestFriend  - June 19, 2021 - BlackBestFriend

Yesterday's Garbage 2019 & 2021 - Annie Wilson - late night cabaret meets late night where your art garbage is our delight.

Trail Off - 2020- SwimPony- A transmedial walking performance created by Swim Pony in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC)

Instructions - 2019 - Annie Wilson - Alien bodies navigating space together, a dance.

Homeworld For Babies - 2019 - Ninth Planet - A performance installation for babies and their caregivers. Homeworld is a drop of water on the moon.

DGJam - 2019 - Directors' Gathering - Since 2014, (DG) has been committed to gathering with and for regional theatre directors through building director-centric community and opportunity.  We have celebrated 30 early-career directors.  These directors are the essential catalysts of countless productions, companies, collaborations, projects, and movements.  These directors are arts and culture creators, leaders, educators, and change-makers.  These directors are the present and future of theatre. 

The Quiet Circus - 2017 - Headlong Dance Theatre -The Quiet Circus is a 15-month long performance residency at the Washington Avenue Pier, created by Headlong.  Audiences and participants alike are invited to engage in a single, ongoing arc of events along Philadelphia’s Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers.

The End - 2017 - Swim Pony - A new form of storytelling guides participants on an individual journey to confront mortality and celebrate life.

War of the Worlds - 2017 - Swim Pony -interactive game/theater performance and community engagement.

This is on Record - 2018 - Applied Mechanics - In a world of fake news and fractious political journalism, Applied Mechanics examines how stories are told, and who gets to craft the narratives delivered to the public.


Souls of Black Folk 3: The Sisters Are Alright - 2017 - Painted Bride Art Center - A theatrical journey through black womanhood and the black woman’s mind and mental health, tackling the stereotypes of Jezebel, Sapphire, and Mammy.

We Are Bandits - 2014 - Applied Mechanics -  a raucous call to arms, a celebratory punk prayer, a wild adventure fueled by the radical spirit.


Severin's experience as a deviser and ensemble member combined with decolonizing community skills with an eye towards inclusion allowed the art share artists to feel held authentically and share deeply in cohort. Severin co-hosted in the live platform with ease and grace.

- Deborah Eliezer Artistic Director FoolsFURY

It was splendidly self-nurturing, gently "nudging" everyone to a quiet place of amplified thoughtfulness and self-reflection--what a gift to participate. My only regret is not having more time to spend with you! 

- Rhonda Moore Adjunct Teaching Faculty - Boyer College of Music & Dance

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